'Multicam Study', installation views. Kudos Gallery, Paddington, New South Wales
'Multicam Study' (installation view). 7mm bracing plywood, custom electronics. Dimensions variable. 2020.
'Multicam Study' (details). 7mm bracing plywood, custom electronics. Dimensions variable. 2020.
Video preview of 'Multicam Study'
Video preview of 'Multicam Study'. In this work, a crayola marker was adapted to fit the collet of a high-gantry Multicam CNC router in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab, UNSW. In this work, distorted self-tracking data from a Fitbit and Xtion depth sensor was used to affect GPS trails recorded whilst in the Advanced Manufacturing Lab and accompanying workshop. I was particularly interested in the strange relationships between accuracy and uncertainty created by using a CNC to draw this data. While the movement of the machine is precise, it is not free from mishap.  Slight variations in the existing surface are not accounted for by the machine, which moves the tool at a precisely programmed depth, but without the subtle adjustments made by the human hand. This work was also driven by the mesmerising act of watching a machine performing a creative task. This a common experience of digital fabrication— watching a machine performing a creative act, but in ways which are often devoid of human, logic presence or intervention.
'Multicam Study', Production Stills
Video installation detail, 'Multicam Study'
'Multicam Study' was presented as a video work and accompanying drawing. Like many of my previous works, I am interested in using display strategies which are intentionally exposed and conspicious.  This is a response to the seamlessness of white-cube display methods, wherein audiovisual components and materials are initially hidden to the viewer.
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