'Dendro/Volume' Installation Views
'H3 Index' Installation view, Kudos Gallery. Left: 'Dendro/Volume', CNC carved 30 mm radiata plywood. 120 x 240 cm. 2020. Right: 'Multicam Study'. 7mm bracing plywood, custom electronics. Dimensions variable. 2020.
'Dendro/Volume' Installation view. CNC carved 30 mm radiata plywood. 120 x 240 cm. 2020.
'Dendro/Volume' (detail). CNC carved 30 mm radiata plywood. 2020. Vertical striations in this work are from the parrallel movement of the ball-mill cutting tool, and are known as 'witness marks'
'Dendro/Volume' (detail). CNC carved 30 mm radiata plywood. 2020.
'Dendro/Volume' (detail). CNC carved 30 mm radiata plywood.120 x 240 cm. 2020. 
Grasshopper Workflow
Workflow used to create 3D spheres in response to changes in heart-rate data. Higher heart-rate values create larger spheres. This geometry was then fed into another definition (see below), to create more uniform cyclindrical volumes to for CNC routing.
Work in progress screenshot from Rhino, showing heart rate rendered as spheres along GPS route. Heart-rate data from Fitbit and GPS route recorded at wood workshop in Design Futures Lab, UNSW while sanding, sawing and preparing plywood panels for CNC routing.
Workflow used to create 'volumes' along 3D curves from spheres in previous definition. These components are from the Dendro plugin, which is useful for creating cylindrical forms along both 2D and 3D curves (lines) in Grasshopper. The cylindrical shape is important, as rounded shapes machine more accurating in CNC, due to the round nature of spinning cutting tools. 
Work in progress screenshot from Rhino. Example of Dendro plugin creating continuous volumes along spheres and then converted to 3D mesh. In this image, volume thickness is too high and obscures detail along GPS trails/spheres, but registers changes in depth at base of spheres in accordance with variations in heart-rate data.
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